Lower paladin spell usage of Raise to 42, Cure IV to 45, and Protect III to 46, Phalanx to 44, and Enlight to 30, Banish III at 48.

Also give an instant all -status ailment resist spell / ability that only works while 2-handed weapon is equipped, short duration like 10 seconds, high enmity. I'd say around level 40.

A more powerful flash we'll call it 'Vision' that can resist or remove powerful enfeeble/dark magic such as charm, doom, and confusion of party members but blinds and lowers the paladins physical defense for a set duration. That spell should arrive around level 76.

I really don't get why shield barrier and majesty come at level 70 because it would be just amazing to be able have both of those abilities for a subjob.

Also if someone could explain this to me, why exactly did majesty have to exist? Why not simply give pld Cura I, Cura II, Cura III, and Cura IV?