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    Nerf and buff red mage.

    Nerf red mage to only be able to do Tier III of every healing, elemental, enfeeble, enhancement spell. Give rdm regen III/refresh III by level 90 no later.

    Lower temper to 40, add temper II at 80.

    Add red magic, give it its own animation from white magic, rdm deserves its own flair like BLU. Any spell a white mage, black mage, Runefencer, paladin, or scholar can't cast should be a red magic spell.

    Job Trait Idea:

    Mischief Maker - Increase enmity, parrying, and shielding when casting enfeeble spells while engaged.

    Triple Cast: Occasionally casts spell thrice, with the cost of one spell cast. (Tier I spells have the highest chance of triggering it at 99%, tier II, 66%, tier III 33%.)

    Wince: Lowers critical hit damaged received, damage taken, and enmity when turning away from target while engaged.

    Rose Stem - Increases distance required to perform melee, magic, and ranged attacks when blossom is active.

    Rose Garden - Increase damage of enspells when moving.

    Job ability idea

    Rose Petal - Copies all current self enhancements on red mage. (Any self enhancement spell casted on red mage is stored.)(2 minute cool down, 30 second duration.) Increases magic accuracy, lowers physical accuracy.

    Rose Thorn - Copies all current enfeebles landed on target. (Any enfeeblement that is currently inflicted on the mob is stored.) (2 minute cool down, 30 second duration.) Increases accuracy, lowers magical accuracy. (Stacks with Stymy)

    Blossom - All copied abilities from Rose Thorn and Rose Petal will activate at the same time in one cast, costing the exact mp, but under the single cast of blossom. physical attack, magical Attack, defense, magical defense, and enmity increases based on how many spells active in Rose Thorn and Rose Petal. 3~30% each stat, slow increment like avatar favor. (5 minute cool down, 45 second duration.) (Stacks with Stymy)

    Stats decrease over time similar to old dark knight absorb spells, and the buffs stay on for as long as the individual buffs would have lasted.

    Wilt - Erases what is stored in Rose Thorn or Rose Petal, or cancels Blossom. physical evasion, magical evasion, shield, parrying, and enmity decreases from the height of the blossoms stats to original parameters. +30~3% Increases triple cast effect while active. (5 minute cool down, 45 second duration.)

    Job spell idea

    Feather - Lowers physical attack, grants separate subtle blow, and lowers weapon delay. (3 minute duration, 20 second recast)

    Flower Bed - Lowers enmity and enmity gain of target when knocked back within area of effect. (2 minute duration, 10 second recast) 30 yalm distance.

    Petal Twirl - Pushes party member back. (instant, 30 second duration.)

    Petal Storm - Pushes all party members back. (Instant, 60 second duration.)

    Adieu - Ejects party member from fighting range, 30 yalms. (instant, 3 seconds.) Make it cost something like 100 mp.

    This games old af, and I'm hella late to post thi..but it always bothered me, rdm couldn't melee reliably, it's too powerful, so that's how I'd nerf it.

    Remove high tier spells, add unique tank options such as temporarily increasing its stats with unique buffs, instead of gaining enmity with a simple provoke, allow rdm the ability to simply remove party members enmity with forced movement. I'm probably gonna get stabbed for these suggestions.
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