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    Talons Nest (A Truly Social Linkshell!)

    Good Day! Good Morning! Good Afternoon!

    Well, that's about as much pep as I can muster before coffee time. Listen, I appreciate all of the Linkshells out there on Asura, but i've yet to see one that's truly "social". An active Discord, people eager to meet someone new, and anxious to have conversation. So what's the answer you ask? Well, we will just have to build one together am I right?

    As of today the Talons Nest is looking for anybody and everybody who is looking for the OG Linkshell social experience and looking for some new world Discord chatter. "But Verdic, what else do you do?" Well, I haven't played the game in 16 years. And my personal goal is to go through the content "as it was" up until current. That suggests alot of questing and not so easy paths forward. Which is fine by me.

    Q: "Will the linkshell support newbies?"

    A: Well, of course. Technically i'm one too. I haven't played since right before Chains!

    Q: "What about HARDCORE ENDGAME!?"

    A: I mean. I intend to utilize either another Linkshell for this or create a separate division on the roster for it. Why would you demand a specifically social linkshell to do end game only?

    Q: How do I know you won't up and disappear?

    A: Well, the fact is I won't. Because I refuse to. Final Fantasy XI occupies a very special place in my heart and this is definitely part of "The Bucket List". I'm not going anywhere. "Ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on."

    Q: Will there be LS events?

    A: Yes. Some classic progression, and "gathering/crafting" nights. But that won't happen until we have sufficient numbers.

    That's my sales pitch. Join us HERE.
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    Hello, I just recently joined the game too and am looking for a social active LS to group with. I would be interested in joining and goign through content with you.