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    It's really not that extreme, it's not going to make people "not play".

    It is silly though, there is nothing level specific about any of the tasks, they're barely even "fetch quests". Just let people hit 99 then go back and do the questline if they want for some alternate reward.

    Stopping to touch 9 ???, then 3 ???, then 3 more ???, then turn in 20 seals and play rock paper scissors is nothing but time waste, it always was. The value of the maat fight is outdated as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soraii View Post
    The value of the maat fight is outdated as well.
    Well, in the old days it was the 'ultimate test' to see if you were worthy enough.

    That got blown out the water with the ability to use trusts in the battle.

    Sirmarki, ex-Fenrir, a young warrior, in the heyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixela View Post
    The level cap quest system needs to be changed badly, it made sense back in the day but leveling now is so fast that it is just annoying to have to stop every 5 few levels.

    How it currently works:

    Be level 50 > do Limit Break 1 to unlock 55.
    Be level 51 > do limit break 2 to unlock 60.
    Be level 56 > do limit break 3 to unlock 65.
    Be level 61 > do limit break 4 to unlock 70.
    On and on and on all the way to 99, this is so tedious.

    Instead it should be:

    Be level 50 > do Limit Break 1.
    Finished limit break 1 > do limit break 2.
    Finished limit break 2 > do limit break 3.

    Put a level restriction on the first and then the only restriction from there on should be completion of the last quest, then you can do a lot of limit break quests at once and just level at the end free from interruptions.
    This level cap quest is only done once, after which you no longer have to re-do limit break for other jobs, therefore since it applies once it doesn't make the process tedious. Tedious process would be when you have you run this quest for each job you take to 99, which is not the case.

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