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    Boy and the Beast; Unable to trigger initial CS

    Thread Title: Cant Start Quest -- Boy and the Beast
    Platform: Windows 10 64 Bit PC
    ISP: Spectrum
    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: 125Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up
    Date & Time: April 30, 2020 00:35:00
    Frequency: always
    Character Name: Masinmanci
    Race: Elvaan / Male
    Main Job: Red Mage (Also testing with Samurai as main job)
    Support Job: Black Mage
    Area and Coordinates: Southern San d'Oria (S) (I-7)
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: Raustigne
    Monster Name: N/A
    Steps: See below

    Cant Start Quest -- Boy and the Beast

    I'm trying to start the quest "Boy and the Beast".

    I have met the prerequisites.

    1.The Cait Sith (Mission) has been flagged (started).
    2. I've completed the previous quest Claws of the Griffon.
    3. I've also checked to make sure the quest is not already started.
    4. When I go to the NPC Raustigne in Southern San d'Oria (S) he will not give me the quest "Boy and the Beast". I don't get a CS. He only says: "Access beyond the victory gate is not permitted at this time".

    This bug was reported by another player, Sparky, in 2017, but there was no resolution on the forum. I've done the necessary steps to trigger the CS with Raustigne, but he does not start it. I have changed classes from RDM to SAM, but that didn't do anything. I thought maybe it was related to a mission from San, but i completed 8-2 and tried again to the same result. I've tried going in and out of East Ronfaure (S) and proccing the CS, but that didn't fix it.

    If i can't start this quest i can't continue RoV because i've already made it to "Ganged Up On", so i have to finish most of WotG to continue. Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: RESOLVED: When you have already accepted the mission and received the cutscene, there is no notification from Raustigne. However, if you speak to Rholont and have already received the cutscene from him, he will mention Vunkerl Inlet if you talk to him repeatedly. There is no notification in the quest log that you have accepted the quest. If you proceed to the inlet and examine ??? at one of the bridges, you will receive the next cutscene and the quest will show up in your log.
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