Platform: Windows 10
ISP: Shentel
Type of Internet Connection: cable/Ethernet
Internet Connection Speed:100GB
Date & Time: 4/8/2020
Character Name: Tiran
Race: Elvaan
World: Asura
Main Job: Ninja
Support Job: warrior
Area and Coordinates: Misareaux Coast (G-5)
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: n/a
Monster Name: n/a
1. Returning player working on RoV missions, I am currently on 2-26
2. I was attempting to record my progress in the Records of Eminence objectives to get sparks, etc...
3. However it does not recognize that i have completed mission 2-6, in the objectives. It shows me on the current mission (2-26) in my mission list.
4. I attempted to remove the objective from my "current" list in RoE, and recheck the objective. No change.
5. I went to Misareaux Coast and rechecked the ??? at G-5. No change.
6. I logged out of the game and re-logged back in, removing ane rechecking the objective. No change.