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    Mission Cut-scene not Activating

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: AT&T
    Type of Internet Connection: DSL
    Internet Connection Speed: 2.17Mb/s
    Date & Time: 03-23-20 7:00PM CDT
    Frequency: Unknown
    Character Name: Serlein
    Race: Human
    World: Carbuncle
    Main Job: Thief
    Support Job: Samurai
    Area and Coordinates: Ru'Lude Gardens, (H-7)
    Party or Solo: Both Solo and Party (1Member)
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: None
    Steps: Finishing Chains of Promathia Mission, Dawn. Finished fight with Promathia, followed the steps to see the cut-scenes with Tenzen, Jabbos, Louverance, Chebukkis, and Shikarees. I have waited till after Japanese Midnight and at this point, I am to go to the Palace in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-7) to activate the cut-scene with Esha'ntarl, but the cut-scene does not happen. I cannot proceed with the mission Ring my Bell or Awakening till I get this cut-scene. If the is working as intended I wouldn't be posting here, to begin with.
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