For the past three days, I've been having troubles logging in and keeping logged in. It can take an unnecessary long time for me to get logged in, if I can get logged in at all. And experience massive delays, when I can log in, between my input and my character carrying it out, on top of that I have been randomly disconnected with little to no warning.

I've been receiving error codes when trying to log in that read as follows (bolding mine):

Error Code:POL-1363

The network is busy, or there are problems with your connection or proxy server. Please try again Later, or verify that all cables, networking devices, network settings, and your proxy server are properly connected and configured

As I have said this is a problem that has been persisting for the past three days and before that the game was working properly and I haven't had any connection issues. Nothing else seems to be experiencing this problem at my house, and the computer that I'm playing on isn't having any other problems apart from this. I can only assume that this is a problem stemming from the server side of things.