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    New Domain Invasion Dragon Just isnt fun Or Worth the time.

    Just as the Title says, The dragon spawns and takes up an hour of your time for no reward but the 80pts for the day(Which its faster to just do the normal dragons). Even on Asura we still yet to kill this thing. People have started skipping it entirely and just waiting a full hour at the next Domain Dragon.

    If there was better rewards, aka maybe a random item or Wyrm Ash, or at least weaker than it is now id imagine ppl might even bother fighting it. But as it is, its just making people wait a full hour for next Spawn.

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    I imagine it simply has some scaling factor or other detail set to levels that causes the battle to be unintentionally strong.

    I say that specifically due to this statement: "Vanquishing this monster will yield enough domain points to bring you to the daily cap, so if you’re lucky you maybe be done in no time at all."

    I could of course be wrong, and it's working as intended, but I highly doubt it. :]

    Another big issue with Mireu, in my opinion, is that with enough of players around (something like 100 might be enough), I can't even see or target it since the limit of visible characters is reached, and the enemy isn't being prioritised highly enough it seems.

    Would be nice to be able to turn off displaying of creeper egos. I mean alter egos. (Edit: somehow I forgot about '/hidefaith' and '/hidetrust'... ooopsies!)

    By the by, this section is for feedback/suggestions regarding the official websites, not the game itself. ^^
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