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    Quote Originally Posted by Alhanelem View Post
    I'm not saying they shouldn't add equipsets, I just question that people are actually using them all up outside of the most extreme cases.
    The reason you don't hear complaints about people filling them up is because the vanilla ai macro system is garbage. People just use scripts, gearswap, play limited jobs, or multi-box. None of which are reasonable solutions to something the game should accommodate natively.

    As someone who is using the vanilla equip macro palettes and equipsets, I can tell you that I am well over the 100 slots needed for gear sets. I don't know what game you're playing, but this game's gear system is built specifically on scenarios ad customization. The sets you listed aren't even 10% of the needed sets for one job. If you've skipped other sets, its because you don't have the space to carry all of the gear required (inventory limitations, another huge issue).

    Take for example Ambuscade capes. How many different combinations of capes can you make? Depending on the job, you may have 2-3 TP capes (DW, STP, DA+10). Then add in WS specific capes; they all generally use different modifiers, so another 2-3 capes there. What about a niche meva cape? pet cape? master cape? Magical ws cape? Nuke cape? enfeeble cape? FC cape? Cure Potency Cape? You get the picture. That is just a very very small example of all of the kinds of sets you can make for one particular job. Now try building all of those sets into equipsets and you will quickly run out of space after about 8 jobs.

    Now, nobody would really make every cape there is, but that's because the limitations behind inventory is so crappy, it discourages people from even trying. The macro system is the same thing, it's so limited. For people who do play multiple jobs, it is a huge hindrance. I have 12 jobs @ master and nearly every one is lvl99. I cannot possibly gear and macro every job, because I don't have enough macro gearsets to fit all of my builds.

    Really, what would be the challenge of just doubling equipset space?

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    ^ is an excellent reason to add an all jobs ambuscade cape. only one or two capes per job generally are used for the base stats on the cape.
    If an all jobs cape were added, many other capes could be dropped.

    you actually said it. yes vanilla macro system is garbage. We have menus that we can do actions from ... but that's useless if it doesn't swap in the gear we need for those actions, thus leaving us to either run the entire game through macros; or look outside the native interface.

    SE could fix this especially now that the game is PC only. Please, give us something.

    I'd love to be able to go into the ability list; create a pre-action and mid-action set for each thing.
    magic: create a pre-action set to auto-equip. ::looks for the spell, Impact:: adds a pre-action for that specific spell. repeats for other similar spells (dispelga)
    Elemental Magic: create a mid-action set to auto-equip. ::repeat above mentioned for mid-action cases::

    If implemented, it could be used to make Quick Cast ACTUALLY GOOD by telling the server what you'll wear to reduce casting time & what you'll wear to boost the action's effect at the same time; thus removing some of the errors caused by poor communication between user and server.

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