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    Add a low level food

    I'd like the level cap'd burning circle (BCNM) & Lv. cap'd Key Item (ENM) fights to be made easier, since we can't summon trusts or use our adventuring fellow during most. And sadly because basically all the fights drop utter garbage, and Level sync'd gear is piss weak; generally no one wants to join me for the fights.

    The simplest way is to add a piece of food that is useful for low level but useless for Lv.99 characters.

    HP +80 MP +80 Latent(Lv. 1~98): DEF +80 Magic Def. Bonus +8 Haste +8% Combat Skills +80 Magic Skills +80 Combat skill gain +80% Magic skill gain +80%

    Make it stackable, AoE, last 30 min, and purchased cheaply (5000 gil) from the rhapsodies moogles in town.

    The main benefit is new / returning players have a simple means of powering through Lv.1~98 without having to buy and sell gear constantly as they go.
    The byproduct is that level cap battlefields are made easier with the increased survivability & damage output provided. Thus benefiting me, hopefully to the point that the fights can be solo'd far more reliably.
    The existing % based foods are nice, but too weak overall to bridge that gap. The fights may be capable of being solo'd by specific jobs with level correct gear, medicine and a bit of luck. I'd like to do them without that much prep and expense.
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