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    Change a few job point categories for Scholar?

    I propose changing a few job point categories for sch and combining some into one and adding new ones to make it less complicated.

    For Stratagem I & II effects combine both them into 1 slot but change Penury/Parsimony's Magic Accuracy effect to instead reduced mp cost by of spells of their respective arts further 1 percent. In place of a free slot add "Magic Accuracy Bonus" by 1 per point.

    For strategem III & IV Effects combine them into 1 slot (no change in the actual effects) in the category thus freeing an extra slot. In place of a free slot add "Magic Attack Bonus" by 1 per point.

    Modus Verita Effect slot... It could of be better in all honesty if Modus Veritas never missed but it ALWAYS MISS when it comes to Notorious Monsters in endgame. I think changing it to something else would be beneficial. Maybe Regen Potency? Years ago, they made SCH specialize into a damage over time and healing over time when they did adjustments to light arts to affect potency of Regen based on job level, Helix duration (and potency?) for dark arts. Scholars are also the first to learn Regen type spells up to Regen V and makes use of Embrava and Kaustra in some situations. Therefore, maybe remove Modus Veritas Effect and instead add Regen Potency bonus?
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