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    How Ide change SAM if i could.

    If Given the chance here are the things i would change about SAM.

    Sam actually already has 2 stances ... however one of the main problems with SAM balance is SAM can quickly switch stances at no real cost to themselves ...

    I think SAM should be a viable tank "If they choose to be"

    Another thing i think Hasso needs to work with any weapon group not just two handed weapons, maybe to balance it some have it give a greater bonus to two handed weapons.

    But i think like my other suggestions moving SAM into two separate and Mutually exclusive roles is probably healthier for the game.

    Changes to Hasso ::
    Hasso now works with any weapon combination SAM gets a baseline dual wield like THF and can use Katana and Wakizashi combos or Dual Katanas. Since hasso will now lock out Seigan, we can make the stance a little beefier and have it interact with other abilities.
    Still gives a STR bonus, haste and accuracy. It is now considered a "Stance" and as such locks out Seigan or any other SAM stance, and is undispellable.

    Abilities that change with Hasso UP ::

    Third Eye :: when the shadow is consumed the SAM counter attacks for a guaranteed critical hit.

    Meditate :: Meditate also increases Accuracy and critical chance.

    Sekkanoki :: Upon consuming Sekkanoki (using a ws) the next weapon skill gains a large attack and magic attack bonus.

    ---Tank SAM ---
    Seigan is already on the right track
    Seigan Changes :: Becomes a stance locks out other SAM stances and becomes undispellable. The samurai will generate increased enmity with seigan up. Zanshin counter attacks will generate TP and Enmity

    Abilities that function differently with Seigan up ::

    Third Eye :: Gains three shadows at early levels, post 49 gains 5 shadows third eye plus gear adds another shadow. Shadows have a high chance of proccing zanshin counter attacks with main hand weapon.

    Meditate :: Increases Parry substantially during its duration and Parrys have an enhanced zanshin counter attack rate.

    Weapon Bash :: Becomes AOE and generates increased enmity (SAM Voke)

    ----------- All around changes and gear -----
    Shikikyo :: becomes a passive that gives the same store tp and an aura that gives the party half the shikikyo tp gain for the sam to nearby allies.

    Move some DT-, seigan, Third eye to AF and some Def/mdef and hp this can be the tank set as its already low attack in comparison to the Relic. Select either a Great Katana or Katana and Wakizashi tank combo that get some DT -II.

    Move more desired DD stats to Relic like DA/TA store tp and make it the DD set .... SAM already has an absolute fiesta of DD weapons ... but make a Katana and wakizashi combo for DD.
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