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    I Finished RoE Overcome your Cowardice

    Platform: Windows 10
    Type of Connection: Cable?
    Internet Connection Speed: 10mb
    Date & Time: 6/30/2019 @ 2:07am
    Frequency: once ?
    Character Name: Exoballz
    Race: Human
    World: Carbuncle
    Main Job: Blue Mage
    Support Job: Red mage
    Area and Coordinates: Ru'Aun Gardens
    Party or Solo: Solo, with Trusts
    NPC Name:
    Monster Name: Ark Angel TT
    1. RoE quest.I completed this RoE Overcome your Cowardice
    2. but did not get the Cipher Ark Angel TT and the game says Completed not repeatable and this Quest line is stuck at this point the game did say make room in Inventory but I had 5 slots free auto sorted still 5 slots free, made 2 more slots for a total of 7 still did not get the Cipher AA TT
    3. Have tried many Mystic Retreivers but no Cipher AA TT

    Sorry but I have only been playing again for 7 weeks after 2 year break Just found how to get the Cipher so all is Good now
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