Starting July 2, 2019, the Square Enix Security Token will no longer be sold on the Square Enix Account Management System. Instead, the security token will be sold on the Square Enix Store website. Alongside this, the price will be changed to $14.99 (USD) / £12.99 (GBP). Security tokens add an additional layer of security to your Square Enix Account. Once a token has been registered, you will be required to enter a one-time password generated by the token when logging into any service using a Square Enix Account.

Please note that the Square Enix Software Token will continue to be available free of charge. Users can download the Square Enix Software Token on the App Store or Google Play Store.

More information about the Software Token can be found here:

As a quick and easy way to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience, we highly recommend all users take advantage of the one-time password feature.