Would request two things taken in consideration to change/modify for OMEN:

1. FREE CHEST FLOOR_________________________

They are rare to begin with and then when you get the free chest floor for hitting the 666 Omens....you get 194 gil or something.....
Just, stop.
a.) At the least make it 100% something, be it scale, or crafting item, or mid boss drop. At this point in the content's life cycle, all these items except the crafting items usually hit the floor [not lotted by anyone anymore]
b.) boss drops and rarer drops increase % of dropping

next up,

2. OMEN BODIES______________________
Flat out I see more bodies drop from AMAN coffers [silver vouchers, mars orbs venus orbs] than actual OMEN...ya know, the content designed to drop it. Increase the drop % from OMEN bosses. It is also noted in another tread please add bodies to OU.

Thanks for consideration. I don't do OMEN anymore except with Linkshell on Saturday [x2 runs] and that's because it's a Linkshell event, in other words I don't farm it myself anymore. There's no point to it for me, when I have a better chance at getting the bodies from AMAN and at a fraction of the investment/effort. Thanks.