Hello there, since it seems like we are going to get new job adjustments over these years, I thought I'd suggest this one: make Vidohunir executable at 20 yalms or so. This would help keeping up AM tremendously, and would give people more reason to make blm's mythic weapon. Laevateinn is a very solid staff overall, but it still loses to Lathi (speaking from experience) unless AM is up, which is extremely hard to mainten in most end game fights. This also might give BLM the means to apply that nice -10 MDB additional effect which stacks with malaise, and contribute to SCs, ideally. Although this most definitely won't be enough to make the job relevant again, since it won't bring blm any close to RNG and COR supremacy in magic damage, right now, I feel like this might be a good start, definitely on the correct path.