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    2019 Monk Suggestions:

    This is a list of suggestions for Monk. Thanks!

    3:00 duration 10:00 cooldown.
    3:00 duration 5:00 cooldown.

    Chi Blast
    Instant Use with a 3:00 cooldown.
    Damage roughly maxes out at around 1,800 damage with all BiS mind gear & Boost used; its damage is roughly equal to an auto-attack.
    No longer is linked with Boost; it is its own ability.
    Instant Use with a 3:00 cooldown.
    Damage with all BiS mind gear should reach about 60k+; roughly 2~3 weapon skills worth of damage and temporarily lowers target’s resists for 30 seconds.

    Instant use, lasts for 5:00 and recast is 5:00.
    Reduces defense by roughly 50% and increases counter attack rate.
    Instant use, lasts for 5:00 with a recast of 1:00.
    Defense penalty removed.
    Adds PDT-10%
    Will override Impetus if active.
    Perfect Counter’s recast, while Counterstance is active will be shortened.
    Perfect Counter has an increased chance to remain active and also grants a 100% chance to guard physical weapons skills; it’s essentially Utsemi or Third Eye, but for physical weapon skills only.

    Instant use, lasts for 5:00 and recast is 1:00.
    Cannot be used during Counterstance; it will override it.
    Footwork combined into Impetus as a single buff—Footwork’s Affects applied into Impetus’s and Footwork removed.; affectively giving Monk an Offensive and Defensive stances just like Sam, Nin, for example.

    replaced with sidekick (or some type of strike) that puts a defensive penalty on the target for a 30 second duration.

    Weapon Skill Damage +100%
    1:00 Cooldown

    Max HP Boost:
    Adjusted to be more than only +300 HP.

    Weapon Skills:
    The only weapon skills that do large numbers for Monk either Varies with TP or Crit Hit Rate. For example. Raging Fists, Howling Fist, Dragon Kick can do decent in the right setup as Damage Varies with TP.


    Ascetic’s Fury or Victory Smite can do good numbers because they can critical hit.


    Asuran Fists
    Shijin Spiral
    Final Heaven

    Are very limited because they don’t critical hit or damage varies with TP. I’d really like development to adjust the tFTP values as well as the stat modifiers just to bring them in the same ball park range as viable alternatives to gear-up for—I cannot make Asuran Fists do even 1/3 what Victory Smite does and it’s a quested Weapon Skill just like Savage Blade, but I’ve seen Savage Blade do massive numbers. Not saying these none crit or varies with TP need to be ‘the best’ just being viable or useful at all is what I would like. Back in the day I used Asuran Fists, on purpose, in parties and made some pretty awesome Darkness Skillchains!


    I did eye-ball a lot of my suggestions above—I did not do lots of math to determine balance or anything like that, but I do believe this type of Monk that adjusts between an offensive and defensive stance and offers suitability to their party through additional HP with also having a single magical and physical debuff options would make it a lot of fun and a solid alternative to other jobs in some fights.

    I don’t believe anything I’ve said above; even full-time Impetus/Footwork, would break the game--WAR and DRK would probably still run circles around MNK damage, but at best this would just close the gap a bit in my opinion and the Counterstance + Perfect Counter suggestion puts Monk, not equal to, but closer to Sam & Nin giving it some damage avoidance capability to maybe back-up tank in some situations which would be fun.

    I more put out this list to have my suggestions for Monk this 2019 known and hopefully considered. I’m sure no-one will 100% agree with everything on the entire list, but I do ask if A LOT or even most of what I’ve posted is agreed with please up-vote because I do believe more views and votes do get looked at. Thank you.

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    They would have to change the level of Boost to 51 if you wanted 100% WSD