Hello! My name is Shinkko. I played on the Sylph server back in 2002 when the game came out. My elder brother was a beta tester, and from the start I was able to play. I was 10, but I was never alone I had my sister or my brother watch me play and help me learn.
To this day I remember everything.
I had a level 50 Ninja/30 Dancer/25 Summoner/30 Warrior/ 25 Theif Character.

Long story short, brother moved out. I played on his account. I'm 25 now, first time I have had a computer ABLE to play this. (Screw you chrome books)
I am on the free trial now because payday is coming up and I'm buying the account then.

It's been 8 years for me. I know no one, and already in the dunes....and no way to do the quest for sub jobs. I have been soloing while looking for a party but the trial does NOT let me send tells, use the auction house, send shouts, or grab the teleport crystals. I can REPLY to tells but cannot start them. I can't use auction house so I have been selling what I find at regular shops. And can only buy what they stock. @_@ Only for right now.

So I'm having a hard time trying to find someone to possibly help me or even a linkshell to join.
Would anyone be kind enough to lend a hand?