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    Job Adjustments: Please address "Rapid Shot" (i.e., replace)


    First time posting on the forums, but long-time lurker. Thank you to the people that contribute useful guides and information as well as the dev team for maintaining the game.

    I noticed that for November's release, BST got an adjustment; that is awesome, because it means the devs recognize there are things that need to be addressed. In that vein, would it be possible to request that the BLU trait "Rapid Shot" be addressed, i.e., replaced?

    With all due respect, "Rapid Shot" is utterly useless and doesn't make much sense from a class perspective. There really is not a time when a BLU would ever use this trait, even while leveling. That's like giving WHM a bonus to G. Axe, without giving them the ability to equip G. Axe. To add more confusion is the fact that only RNG or COR benefit from this and are given the trait themselves; in other words, subbing BLU for a "Rapid Shot" bonus does nothing for either of those classes. Really simply, there is no point to "Rapid Shot" on BLU. Like, at all.

    Any way for people that are like-minded to bring this to dev's attention? Instead of "Rapid Shot," give a latent "Temper" trait or something /flameshield. Just kidding, but seriously, not "Rapid Shot."

    Thank you.

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    ... but doesn't blue need to pull more rapidly with a ranged weapon? That way you can miss even FASTER!

    Good point that its a ridiculous trait for blue mage.
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