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    Composure, Gain Spells and RDM Enhancing Job Points

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: CATV
    Internet Connection Speed: 25Mbps
    Date & Time: August - October 2018
    Frequency: Always
    Character Name: Chiaia
    Race: ElvaanW
    World: Asura
    Main Job: RDM LVL 99
    Support Job: Any
    Area and Coordinates: Any
    Party or Solo: Both
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: None
    Get on Master RDM wearing no gear or gear if you want to math that out too.
    Pop composure then cast a Gain Spell example Gain-CHR your duration will only be 15 minutes and 20 seconds. Instead of 16 minutes flat. (5 Minute Base) x 3 (Composure) + (20 Seconds Job Points)

    If you do this with any other Enhancing Magic spell Composure triples the Enhancing Magic Duration of Job Points. Example Haste (3 Minute Base + 20 Seconds Job Points) x 3 (Composure) for 10 Minutes in-game instead of 9m20s

    Looks like they are fixing this in the Nov 9th, 2018 update
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