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    Monk suggestions

    Just figured I'd type this up here, not that I imagine they will ever be implemented. I feel increasing monks damage won't really make them anymore of a popular choice because there really is nothing that makes monk stand out, aside from hand to hand type damage which is really nothing to boast about.

    So I figured a few changes to some abilities that massively change monks playstyle....

    Formless Strikes - Change the damage type of auto attacks to match that of Requisecat, they cannot be resisted by any means and break Caturae shields. In addition to that, while Formless strikes is active, monk weaponskills now magic burst but cannot skillchain. Make Formless strikes a 5 minute duration with a 3 minute cooldown. Impetus cannot be used while Formless Strikes is active. This will allow monk to fill a new role, similar to how scholars can create skillchains with magic, monks can magic burst with weaponskills.

    Boost - Enhances the skillchain damage or magic burst damage of the next weaponskill or chi blast. This will allow Monks to hit big numbers.

    Chi Blast - Can magic burst for acceptable damage. Halts the TP gain of the target for 30 seconds.

    Impetus - 5 minute duration on a 3 minute cooldown. Cannot be used with counterstance or formless strikes. To be honest, monks damage isn't that bad when Impetus is up, but Impetus downtime is pretty bad considering its a ramp up skill.

    Focus - Increases accuracy, magic accuracy and crit damage.

    Counterstance - Remove the defense penalty and provide it with a 5% DT or 10% PDT. Provide TP on counter or enmity gain. This will allow monk to sudo-tank if necessary. Cannot be used with Impetus or Formless Strikes. Think of them like stances that overwrite each other.

    Mantra - Have gear that increases its duration, to make it more of a useful ability that can last an entire fight.

    Inner Strength - Increase its duration to 5-10 minutes to make it an actual useful SP ability.

    I feel if you add these changes to monk, they will be far more desired without being OP. They can fit into more types of parties because of a unique thing only they can do, the ability to sub-tank if needed, and the constant up time of Impetus.

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    I love your ideas. I have often thought that Chi Blast should be able to Magic Burst on skillchains. If nothing else Light based Skillchains.
    I definitely agree with the premise of MNK being an off-tank, but if they can't make us a valuable commodity for off-tanking directly, they should do it indirectly, allow me to explain.
    As far as Inner Strength goes, I think making it give the entire party 100% Subtle Blow for 30 sec - 1 min would be great. Effectively halting all TP gain from damage dealt for that duration. This would ensure the tank doesn't take as much damage as well as the entire party. Also giving MNK a new trait that halts the TP reduction of Martial Arts. It's an archaic concept and needs to go away with the current setup. Lastly Monk HP Boost used to be more potent before stat inflation and scaled much better. Now it's a joke. Make "Max HP Boost" percentage based, instead of giving flat HP. That way MNK HP would scale much better with the stat inflation that has happened since. MNK should have at least 1k more HP than most other jobs if not 1500. Not 60-200 more than they currently have. That's a joke, and with the way NMs hit these days, it's become nothing more than window dressing.

    At any rate, I could rant for awhile, and that would ultimately take away from your post, and I don't want to do that. These are great ideas, and I wholly endorse them!

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    There must be something that SE see's about monk that we're not seeing. After last years horrible nerf I'v tried so many different setups and test, and I got nothing, both aiming for tanking and dps alike, NOTHING.

    I wonder why the dev team doesn't say what it is exactly that they think monk is suppose to be that we're not seeing, theres is gear aimed towards crits, counters,kick attacks. however its all broken since they only buff a little, all 3 of these things don't work in synergy to one another since you gotta gear towards one thing or it doesn't work,.

    Monk has counter gear, but counter is useless unless you tank and counterstance is aimed at you NOT tanking since it weakens your defence so you can't take WSs and you can't 100% counter attacks so your GOING to be hit, plus the accuracy check is horrible since you gotta give up certain gear of acc to counter more.

    Crits which does increase dmg somewhat, its pointless since there is very little dmg to increase with a recast for impetus that makes you want to cry.

    As for kick attacks, it doesn't proc for WSs unless footworks is up and only for tornado/dragon kick. both of which are weak and footworks has a bloody recast timer on it.

    Boost and focus doesn't last anymore nor do anything since its always on recast, which means Glanzfaust bonus for focus does nothing since focus can never be activated since it runs out in moments and is always on recast (Thats if you remember to use it again because of the insane recast), hell, take a sleep to the face as soon as you activate focus and its litterally done nothing.

    I need to know, I must know, wtf are we doing wrong and why isn't SE saying anything to correct us?

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    Monk job abilities need to be retooled completely. The job needs to be the first to get an overhaul in November.

    Also, please take a look at the Monk Su3/4/5 Weapon. Path C is horrible and makes no sense. With very limited Chakra gear, it is already possible to get a full heal from Chakra. More HP and a Chakra bonus? This is the best you could come up with?

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