Platform: PC

ISP: Shaw

Type of Internet Connection: DSL

Internet Connection Speed: Fast

Date & Time: July 2018, Sunday 15, sometime afternoon

Frequency: Once

Character Name: Soralin

Race: Tarutaru

World: Asura

Main Job: Warrior

Sub Job: Ninja

Area and Coordinates: Provenance, Beguiling Radiance Arena

Party or Solo: Solo with 5 Trusts

NPC Name: None

Monster Name: Pil + Sarbaz


1. Set to Stock Mode for voidstones, had about 770 or so Stones in stock
2. Defeated Beguiling Radience with White Proc, recieved Dusky Periapt of Exploraiton
3. Checked my stock of Voidstones under Status > Currency, the quantity had not changed.

At this point, it is my understanding that on receiving the Periapt of Exploration KIs, the server retroactively recalculates my voidstone stock as if I had had the periapt the whole time.

I already had Vivid Periapt of Exploraiton, and had registered to start receiving Voidstones many years ago when they first came out.

Based on that, I should have dropped from a 16 hour cooldown to a 12 hour, which should have increased my voidstone stock by a significantly noticeable amount.

This did not happen, so I did a few more experiments

4. Ran back to Voidwatch Officer in Southern Sandoria, chatted with them about my Voidstone Stock, they also reported the same 770 number to me.

5. Swapped from Stock mode to Key Item mode, then checked my stock with the officer again, still 770.

6. Finally swapped back to stock mode and a final check, still 770 at Officer and Currency screen

Players have informed me when they in the past got this KI their stock increased, which leads me to believe this is a critical bug causing players to lose what looks like thousands of Voidstones, which is pretty frustrating.

Based on discussions with players, this bug seems to go back roughly to when the Stock system was introduced to Voidwatch. I have not encountered a player who encountered this bug when not set to Stock mode.

If someone could test this on their character by getting the KI while set to Key Item mode and not Stock mode, that would be awesome.