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    Inventory Display Name Capitalization - Arete Del Sol

    I usually post typos like this in the Localization forum, but possibly that's not read and passed on to be corrected, rather than being ignored, so am posting here instead. If this gets accepted/confirmed/resolved/fixed, I'll repost mine and other posters' previous typo issues here. If it gets moved to 'working as intended', I wont post typos in the In-Game Bugs forum again.

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    1. The inventory display name for "Arete Del Sol" has a capitalized "Del". The inventory display names for "Arete del Luna", "Arete del Luna +1" and "Bano del Sol" all have lowercase "del".
    2. Which is correct? Will they be aligned? I haven't been able to sleep soundly since the release of Rise of the Zilart because of this pressing issue.
    edit: 3. How could I have forgotten "Arco De Velocidad", when all other "de"s are lowercase! Apologies a thousand times!
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