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    Dispensable Shurikens from Relic, Mythic, Empyrean, and Aeonic Katanas

    I think it would be a good idea to create dispensable Shurikens from the RMEA weapons: Kikoku, Nagi, Kannagi, and Heishi Shorinken.

    I recently posted about the issue NIN has with the Sange ability and possibly losing very rare and expensive shurikens (that we only possess one of). Every other ranged job has the ability to dispense ammo on the go, which effectively cuts their costs and allows them to always have a supply on-hand for use. I understand that NIN is not particularly a "ranged job" but a much of it's damage over time comes in conjunction with the Sange ability, and the passive Job Trait Daken. Since Ninja is a hybrid between balancing melee strikes with shuriken throws, would it not be reasonable to create a dispensable shuriken per weapon? This would effectively eliminate the need for ever running out of shurikens or throwing away rare ones, and give RMEA owners a way to increase their dps through their ammo. Non RMEA owners can still buy shurikens at the vendor, so that would not harm anybody.

    Please consider.

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    special dispensable Shurikens from RMEA sounds cool but in that case if they were to consider in adding them with stats tied to each RMEA katana, I'm afraid they would throw in the "you know what" word and nerf the RMEA katanas to "You know what" around the stats of them

    Here's a response on it from 2017 from the devs

    Quote Originally Posted by Camate View Post
    Thanks for the suggestion about adding special shurikens.

    While this is definitely an interesting idea, the development team does not have any plans to introduce something like this. Since ninjas are able to boost their damage output through Daken, it would result in a direct damage boost on top of what katanas are already capable of. In the event that we were to introduce RMEA shurikens, we would have to lower the stats on katanas to balance everything properly, and we feel that this is not a desirable change.

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    Well if that's their official answer, it's very short sighted. Ninja already falls behind in dps by far. Weakening katanas to account for shuriken ammo doesn't make any sense at all. Main weapons are used for weapon skills. Shurikens are not. Weakening katana only weakens ninja overall no matter what ammo you give them. It's not like ranger or Corsair where adding ammo directly boosts their weapon skill damage. The two are completely independent for Ninja.


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