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Thread: Dragoon Buff

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    Dragoon Buff

    Good day! I am a long-term player and like many have been with FFXI from the beginning. Outside of the game I work a steady job and make great money working only 2 days a week so I have plenty of free time playing ffxi and wont be going anywhere anytime soon. I strongly recommend that we give a boost to DRG damage. It would put a spark back into the game, the job could get multiple improvements, but especially the damage they are able to do with the Merit, Mythic and empyrean weaponskills. This would be a phenomenal adjustment to the game because many people are very passionate about dragoon, but it simply has no place in the game as it is. I myself and many others would be ecstatic if we could get a damage boost to polearm dmg as well as the weaponskills and potentially the job abilities. Lets put dragoon up there at the top damage with rune fencer and blue mage and thief. I don’t even have a dragoon yet, but i want to build one and I already have most of the gear and would like to build one if they could perform they have the right to. I know it would be an excellent change and would breathe new life into the game.
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    Stardiver and Aeonic DRG is very versatile. I'm all in favor of a dps update, but this is a very very low priority. Jobs like Ninja, Puppetmaster, and obviously Monk would need an update more readily. DRG is actually quite competitive at end game if properly geared and buffed. Your statement about DRG having "no place in the game" is not true at all. The job is very good, it's just comparatively weaker to the other top DD. Where DRG really shines, though, is their ability to amass TP faster than probably any other job via jumps, spirit link, and proper gearing. They also are quite exceptional self SCers. You have to see DRG at a high level to recognize that it is much better than you say it is. It's not nearly as bad as you think.