Platform: Windows
ISP: Shaw Cable
Type of Internet Connection: CATV
Internet Connection Speed: 25Mbps
Date & Time: Dec. 10, 2017 23:40 PST
Frequency: Once (did not reproduce because it requires rare pop item)
Character Name: Osuki
Race: ElvaanM
World: Sylph/Fairy
Main Job: Thief 99
Support Job: Dancer 49
Area and Coordinates: Buburimu Peninsula (G-10)
Party or Solo: Party with 2 members
NPC Name: none
Monster Name: none

1. While I started the quest to obtain the Penguin Ring through the Brigand's Chart Quest, The NPC popped up started his dialogue. My level synced down to 20. All seemed normal.

2. Upon gaining control of my character, I target the glowing spot, interact with it, and then immediately start the /fish command as I only have 3 minutes to do this quest.

3. As soon as I cast my rod (Halcyon Rod and Shrimp Lure), the game would not let me move the rod left or right, reel it in, cancel the fishing attempt, or open any menu.

4. I was unable to /logout, /shutdown or /helpdesk. Only able to talk in chat box.

5. The quest ended after 3 minutes with me being able to do nothing but watch, wait, and hope I would be returned to normal.

6. After the quest ended, my level unsynced, and I was still frozen on that first cast. No fish biting, no fishing timeout.

7. Disappointment sets in and I had to ctrl-alt-del and force close the game to fix it.

Lost a Brigand's Chart and about 10 min of a friend's time to come and help me .