These abilities are super outdated. The 2 minute base cooldown on these abilities is too long in today's battle climate where Skillchaining and Magic Bursting are the primary focus of strategies in almost every situation. When you go full nuking on BLU, being able to MB once every 2 minutes (assuming the Skillchain wasn't interrupted and the 30 second duration hasn't expired) in the same time BLMs, SCHs, GEOs, RDMs and even DRK, a melee focused job, is capable of MBing 5, 6, or 7 times in that period of time is absolutely rediculous.

I do realize that these abilities do other things like power up the modifiers of these spells, but I think an adjustment needs to be made. This doesn't really apply to Chain Affinity as much since BLU is capable of Skillchaining without it, but some reduction like to 1min would be nice. I just think BLU shouldn't be bound to the 2 minute cooldown to do what every other mage job and even some melee jobs is capable of. It isn't 2006 anymore when TP generation and skillchaining in general took time to do.