Hello Square Enix,
i have few question about in game problem, we can't solve since many years.

If we looking for Deathresistance we have 3 ring options:
can you give us the resistance value ?

As Fast Cast Belt the only viable option for mage since 2011 is : http://www.ffxiah.com/item/10826/witful-belt
Fast Cast +3% is too low for 2017 content but still by far better that the PLD and DRK option (yeah we celebrate this year the 15st aniversary of no fast cast belt as pld).
Did you plan to finally add an real Fast cast belt for all job ? (fact cast + 5 or +10 is ok )
(keep in mind fast cast work nicelly with conserve mp, haste, or spell interuption, please don't add conserve tp, or magic damage on it

Feel free to reshape all FC equipement with MP and HP because actually we loose 1/3 of HP during Fast Cast, that make WHM crazy and that totally kill Trust Mp !

did i allready talk about 2017 Divine equipement as PLD ?

can we have 119 option for legs and feet ?
actually best slot for that is:
Feet: Templar Sabatons (Level 61 with def 11! since 2007!)
Legs: Kaiser Diechlings" with augments='Divine magic skill +6' (Level 73 with Def 46 since 2003 !)
a great equipment for ilevel145 content

so can you give us some viable option to remplace those part you can make people by far more happy that the Xzomit mount ...