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    Suggestion regarding Experience points awarding.


    First I'd like to thank everyone involved in FFXI over the course of 15 years. This game is still to this day the best MMO I have ever played with a lot of innovative ideas and lots of fun.

    On to the suggestion itself : An XP slider bar.
    - Let's face it, in these day and ages in FFXI the experience comes in super fast. In most cases, this is perfect as it allows one to catapult themselves to maximum level very quickly. But for me and a few others (I have a guild full of these people), we liked it better when XP gain was slow.

    - So my suggestion is to add an XP slider bar in the MISC menu of each characters. By default it is at 100% (where most players would leave it at), but a more "classic" feel would be 25% (or less, depending on reward campaigns and other nice stuff).

    The XP slider would make everyone happy without asking much of the development team, in fact it's a final multiplier that you push the XP earned after a fight or other events (especially fights tho).

    Just yesterday we got a classic XP group together but the XP earned was so insane, we could hardly settle down in an area before moving over.

    I was told many times by friends and guild members to come and post the idea here as it was really good. So I do.

    Again thank you for everything, and I wish FFXI another profitable 15 years !
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