Platform: PC
ISP: Totalplay
Type of Internet Connection: Optical fiber
Internet Connection Speed: 100 mbps
Date & Time: Anytime
Frequency: Daily
Character Name: Raydeus
Race: Hume
World: Valefor
Main Job: RDM
Support Job: NIN
Area and Coordinates: Mog Garden
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: Sabotender
Monster Name: None
1. Start Monster Rearing process for the Sabotender type of monster
2. Raise the monster up to Sabotender with 3 stars of development
3. Use Sunflower seeds to trigger evolution to Jumbotender type monster
4. Sabotender reacts to the food (squirms) however no evolution occurs
5. Repeat this process hundreds of times over a span of several months
6. Monster does not evolve except for very rare cases