While the potentual for monk is high, its still lacking in power for a job thats considered a DD job with high hp job trait. This jobs ment to have a extremely high melee dps value while dealing moderate to high damage on weapon skills while beable to handle damaging AoE attacks with "Max hp Boost" trait when standing at the front lines(Which currently has been give to other jobs to help with new endgame surviablility).

Impetus:the only thing that gives this value is its job points and Bhikku cyclas (Which limits limits useage of other gear as a whole and is made redundant by the missed hit reset)
-Being one of monks main power sources. Its required for impetus to work efficiently to add power which can be both dispeled by a mob or resets every time you miss (Even with job points boosting its power) this ability is near useless on current endgame content since you will face mobs that either enfeeble you or use abilitys/spells which WILL make you miss. since this ability isn't ment to be something like WAR's berserk ability (Which doesn't lose power at any time unless it wears off or is dispelled)
~A possible solution for this is to remove the reset fuction for when you miss, and add a reverted value for when you miss, since this ability works from 1-50 hits then caps before a miss reset (Which can happen constantly in some instants), make the ability drop by a value of 5-20 hits (Depending on how high you have already achieved e.g you drop 5 hits if your current value is 10 hits and it drops by 20 hits if your current value is 50 hits) and meaning you gotta work your way back up, but not from a zero value meaning you retain atleast some power.

Boost: a ability that in ages of old made a difference in damage and made chi blast actually do something (other than work with subtle blow).
-Currently boost's recast is so high and the delay from using it just makes it weak since it can't keep up with with current content. its base value for increasing dmg is nice and gets slightly better with anchor gloves, but nowhere near what is needed for monk when it throws a WS since most worth while WSs have ftp that either modifys crit rate (Which is nerfed due to impetus's reset) or in the case of shijin's spiral works on plague. Don't get me started on Chi blast
~Possible solutions for this is lower the recast for boost to 5 seconds (not only for weapon skills, but for chi blast)and increase its base attack increase to 30% (before anchor gloves modify) and lower the value every time its used after that by about 1-10% until it reaches 5% increase and then stays at 5% increase for each useage after that until the ability wears off after 1-3 minutes (Depending if time is deemed needed to be modified).

Chi blast:Monk enlightens his mind and body to do nothing but subtle blow
-This ability used to be a god killer (Literally in the cast of sky/sea content). the math and lack of power from boost even with equipment make this pointless since most content requires Power on a much larger scale faster than ever
~A possible way to remedy this is boost ability recast as mentioned above, the math to calculate damage completely changed. Boost with a continualy higher increase per boost used with equipment further enhancing it

Max hp boost:A trait that ment you could survive a high damage attack that currently alot of jobs have
-Monks capacity to survive is needed as a sort of sub tank in case the worst comes about for the tank and someone needs to hold mob long enough for a alternate to take shape, with counter traits/ability its not so much a tank, but sometimes ment to by time when its needed in a emergency.however being a monk they don't use heavy armor like a war or paladin so hp and counter remains their survivability
~Simple, increase its trait value at higher teirs for monk or add more teirs,

Crit damage trait: something monk doesn't have as a natural trait
-~Currently, since monk was originally more a dps on melee attacks along side of weapon skills, the ability to crit dmg is one of the few solutions that allow its normal attacks to do exactly that. along side the need for its crit weapon skills to have more power to be competative. this ability is something that is given to soft clothed fast hitting jobs like thf and dnc to make value of their attacks and WSs, unlike thf or dnc tho, monk is a DD job so a higher value on damage is only natural