Windows 10

Chickasaw Telecommunications

Type of Internet Connection:

Internet Connection Speed:
20.05Mbps Download, 3.82Mbbs Upload

Date & Time:
Mog Bonanza 2017 collection period that started January 16th, 2017


Character Name:

Elvaan F


Main Job:
Level 2 Warrior

Support Job:

Area and Coordinates:
Port San d'Oria I-9

Party or Solo:

NPC Name:
Dealer Moogle

Monster Name:

1. I traded a Bonanza Marble to the Bonanza Moogle during the Mog Bonanza 2017 collection period for the Mog Kupon AW-Cos Rank 5 reward.
2. I traded the Mog Kupon AW-Cos to the Dealer Moogle in an attempt to attain a Decennial Coat +1 or the Decennial Tights +1 to send to my male main character Kaijikun.
3. Upon witnessing that the Decennial Dress +1 and the Decennial Tiara +1 were available and not the desired male counterparts, I cancelled the transaction and received my Mog Kupon AW-Cos in return.
4. For my ElvaanF mule Bonanzabananaz I retrieved a different item and have saved a marble on each of my two remaining mules, HumeF Bonanzabananas and MithraF Freiacresent in the event that a resolution is possible.

The information that my female character is unable to equip the desired reward item was available to me, however, I do not believe the fact that I was unable to attain the male counterparts through the Mog Bonanza was. If there is any mode of support other than the Square Enix E-mail contact support (that I am awaiting aid in) that would be appropriate for an attempt to solve this issue, I would appreciate any direction.

Thank you.