Got a question and more or less want to get a general opinion on these, Will post stats incase others don't know.
Jolt Counters +1
DMG:+146 Delay:+91 STR+15 VIT+15 Accuracy+30 Hand-to-Hand skill +242 Guarding skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 "Counter"+18 Attack during "Counter" varies in proportion to Attack of target.

Am i the only one more or less concerned about how close these are to Spharai in terms of use.
Spharai 119 (afterglow)
DMG:+140 Delay:+86 Attack+60 Hand-to-Hand skill +269 Guarding skill +269 Magic Accuracy skill +228 Enhances "Counter" effect V "Final Heaven" Aftermath: "Subtle Blow"+10 "Kick Attacks"+15 Afterglow

As far as i understand Enhances Counter effect V is equal to counter +14 which Jolt Counter clearly beats it on and even has the added counter damage boost depending on attack countered.

Just want other monks opinions on these as i think it was kinda a low blow from SE, Could just imagine how bad it would be if they made a shield close to ochain that was crafted or a club close to Idris again crafted.