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    TO THE DEVS: Please allow for alliance play in Omen

    Want to start out by saying bravo for the new content however as the title states, it really has become unfair to individuals in linkshells to have to break up into separate groups in order to do Omen. If it scales so be it, but to have to have people sit out is quite unfair and I would hope that you could understand this request and move forward with it. Thank you for your time.
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    I think the party size should be extended to 8 personally.
    6 is too restrictive and a lot of roles are mandatory and take up 3-4 party slots leaving only 2-3 for other jobs. RDM for example CANNOT fit into 6 man parties, but is one of the better 7th slots.

    6 person parties(and leveling scaling) are having a really detrimental effect on the game as a whole and strategies that people use and are efficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiyo View Post
    RDM for example CANNOT fit into 6 man parties, but is one of the better 7th slots.
    As much as I would like to say this is true and that rdm got jipped, it isn't true. Most the time I am rdm in Omen groups and my melee dmg keep on par with everyone. Just takes a lot of gear to be useful which is one of the problems with rdm is the mass amount of gear/skill it takes to be slightly useful in endgame content. That and having a group willing and knowledgeable enough to know you are not only a solid rdm, but you can be useful.
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    Hello, everyone!

    In the upcoming March version update, alliances will be able to take on Omen! This will be added as a way for players to help each other for the clear.

    Please note that when entering Omen as an alliance, the enemies' HP will not scale based on the number of participants nor will this apply to the amount of loot.
    Therefore, players will need to lot against more players when entering as an alliance.

    That being said, we encourage players to think carefully about their manpower before tackling their Omen runs based on the purpose of specifically going for the loot or the clear.
    Aya "Sicycre" Montoya - Community Team