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Thread: Cursna Info

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    Cursna Info

    Based on multiple JP Dev Posts.

    I was curious is the Healing Skill Bonus tier based or 1 skill always equals a tiny amount?

    The older JP Dev Post has 0 Skill = 10% Chance while 500 Skill is 26% chance. That is a 16% difference. If its tier based every 31.25 skill would equal 1%. If its per skill it be more about 1 skill = 0.032%~.

    One other thing is an older JP Dev Post that was updated because of the 09/14/2016 post seems to still say 500 or greater will equal 26%. But the new post says their is no upper cap on healing skill. Which is correct?

    It would also be nice if we got these types of posted translated into the English forum as well!
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