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    Quote Originally Posted by Domille View Post
    Carols don't work on Meteor. Carol only covers one element. Carol and Scherzo require 2 song slots so you need a second bard.

    So we're supposed to play with 1 DD 2 bard 2 geo rdm now?

    If this is the answer we got, I prefer letting GEO stay over powered and BRD never get played. Cause as it sits, game isn't playable, and some pliability is better than zero.
    /cough, you rely with meteor as to why brd as a whole and carols are useless? not every mob uses meteor you know. even if you mentioned AoE attacks, Brd's more a melee enhancing job so sherzo fits there even more since melee styles require being up front, all of bards party songs got a massive boost too this update with more gear enhancing it even further which has taken it to geo idris level if you have galljahorn+daudabla.,next thing you'll say only blu's are useful for everything and that no other melee job should be used ever in events, some of the best melee styles are are non blu partys. unless you put the effort into the job, you won't know.

    Its not the end of the world for gemancer. they had magic acc and magic evasion for players and mobs reverted to the original intended value, not every single geo spell.
    With 90% of endgame content actually weakened by 10-20%. the other 10%of endgame is high teir content outside adoulin/escha/reisei, however if you actually try, there are ways of doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Songen View Post
    bard has been pulled forward quite a bit this update, the nerf on geo made alot of a difference since people crying about geo, so now brd should beable to return since even if your facing magic mobs, carols and scherzo will make a massive difference since they were boosted this update quite a bit. i think what woulda made brd better over all if they added a single carol that affects all elements which would open up magic evasion again. however if that exsisted before this update, geo wouldn't have been the only job dealing with magic mobs
    We were already using BRD as most of our setups involve melee's. The problem with this past update is SE botched something else in the code and NM's magic special attacks are hitting far harder then they were before. In Omen we didn't use Vex / Attunment, instead our GEO used Frailty / Fury and our BRD did HM + VM + Min V / IV or Mad depending on the mega boss. WHM did Barfira + Baramnesria and we would then clobber the NM accordingly, just switching to our Damage Reduction sets when the NM was doing a special move. Malighn Invocation and Interference went from doing 300~400 damage to me in DT sets to doing 800~1600 damage to me in those same -DT sets. Again nothing changed in our strategy and we didn't use the bubbles that were modified. Several others have noticed this same effect, certain NM's going around one shoting players and doing obscene magic damage where before they weren't. So SE broke something in the Magic Resist / Magic Damage formula for us players.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raelix
    Ragnarok's aftermath is only 5% crit rate, even with lv99, so there's almost no point in using Scourge, you just spam Resolution. Even then you become just a boring meathead DD.

    Apoc with both Catastrophe and Entropy gives you crazy sustain of both HP and MP. With the Haste aftermath you can wear a ton of -PDT and solo almost any 75 content.
    Doing damage is for WAR's, DRK is about soloing 75 content yo.....

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