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    My wishlist for things to change in Monstrosity

    I came up with this (rather long) list, but let me know what you guys think:

    1) Gradually implement the rest of the families, starting with Undead, Demon, Dragon and Arcana

    2) Implement party mode. Monipulators can team up in the Bellingery zones at first. More zones to party in shall be added every consecutive update.

    3) More zones to roam in:
    - Quicksand Caves
    - Attohwa Chasm
    - Boyahda Tree
    - Ro'Maeve
    - Ru'aun Gardens
    - Kuftal Tunnel
    - Oldton and Newton Movalpolis
    - Pso'Xia
    - Arrapago Reef
    - Grauberg [S]
    - Vunkerl Inlet [S]
    - La Vaule [S]
    - Xarcabard [S]

    4) Once a monipulator reaches level 90, you unlock UHNM (Ultra High Notorious Monster) status. Lame name but go with it
    This gives you a massive boost in stats; more or less the jump from level 99 to 119ish that characters got. This also adds Adoulin zones to your list to fight in.

    5) At 75+ you are able to earn Merit points and at 99 you are able to earn CP. If the monster is two jobs, it will only earn CP for it's main job. Traits and abilities earned with CP will be applied to all monsters that share the same job. (for example if you have tier VI nuke spells unlocked then all level 99 BLM main monsters get it)

    6) Add a ton of material rewards to the monstrosity content. These can be bought with either infamy or prestige. So even if you don't engage in the PvP aspect of the content you can still get these. As for what these rewards can exactly be; I was thinking about rings, necklaces, earrings and ammo items you can enhance.

    7) Add a new bellingery zone. This will only allow access to level 99 UHNM status monsters. Gladiators slain in this zone will earn you double infamy, while being slain will earn gladiators double prestige.

    8) Add key items you can buy with infamy that will provide various bonusses:
    - Infamy gained+
    - Infamy lost when defeated in a PvP battle decreased
    - Prestige gained+
    - Increase the amount of HP gained with regen effects
    - Increase the amount of MP gained with refresh effects

    9) Various monster fixes:
    - Make BRD monsters able to sing 2 spells. A third when the colibri instinct is equipped.
    - Give SAM monsters the abilities Seigan, Sekkanoki and Hasso.
    - Add two unique traits for Monipulators:
    > Determination. Spells are less likely to be interrupted. Tiers are gained at level 25, 50, 75 and 99. About 50% natural resistance at level 99.
    > Acceleration. Increases movement speed. Tiers gained at level 15, 45 and 80. About +20% movement speed at level 80.

    10) Give each monster some emote commands. These aren't new animations, but just triggers for the various combat animations monsters can make. Think of weaponskills, attacking or casting spells. The commands would be simple, like /monemote1 through 5. Added to auto-translate at some point. This gives monipulators a little bit more immersion.

    11) Fix the fact that every single monster is always a she. Monsters should always be the same gender as your character unless it's obvious that your monster is female. (sheep and lamiae for example)

    12) Instincts that you unlock for a monster should be auto-equipped. It makes little sense to equip Buffalo III when you ARE a buffalo. These instincts are still equippable for all other monsters. The three unlocked instincts don't take up any slots; instead they will be highlighted a different color in your instinct list (gold or something) to indicate that you have the instinct(s) unlocked.

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    Thought up some new ideas:

    13) Skillchains. This is a somewhat difficult thing to realize on some monsters, but I think it can be done. Since Monipulators don't lose ALL TP when they perform a weaponskill, I honestly don't know why this wasn't a thing in the first place...

    14) Monipulator vs Monipulator mode. In this mode, you can fight other monipulators in a BCNM-like arena. Infamy is not lost when you lose. Instead, there are two versions of this mode:
    - Practice
    - Challenge
    In Practice mode you face against one monipulator. This is more or less a mode for fun and experimentation. Just to see if your monster + instinct set is up for a tough fight or not.
    In Challenge mode you can choose the format. It can either be one on one, two on two or three on three. When the battle is over, every participant will be awared an amount of infamy based on how well they did in the fight. The winning team might even win an augmentable piece of equipment...
    How the fights are arrenged is rather simple. Either a menu option in the Feretory to create your party or an option from one of the NPC's there to arrange things.

    15) Ultimate monster rewards. If you level every monster available of a single family to level 99, you get awarded with an ultimate monster of said family. A few examples are the caturae species, all the Wildkeeper reive bosses and the Shadowlord (for Beastmen).

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    Hello !

    I love many of your ideas ! ^^ I hope the dev will make Monstrosity better ! I really enjoy this content but I'm sad to know they don't really want to focus a little on it :x

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