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    New BLU needing advice on equip sets

    Hi guys,

    After a 7yrs break and having played mages for ages, I recently decided to lvl BLU and got some questions regarding DW cap & Equip sets (With all the equipment available and recently obtained, I'm a bit lost).

    1) Haste & DW:

    Haste: I know you need to equip 25/26% of haste through gear to cap it by equipment.

    DW: Cap at 80%
    I read somewhere (Out of the BLU guide) that with capped gear haste & Erratic Flutter (30% haste) you need 56/57% DW reduction to cap it.

    I assume that if I got the DWIII Trait with spells, I minus 25% from these 56/57%, i.e. I'd need 31/32% DW enhancing from gear ?

    2) Earring:
    Combo "Brutal Earring & Suppa" vs. "Steelflash Earring & Bladeborn Earring"
    I've seen both and I dont really which one will be more efficient when accuracy is required and when it's not. When TP and when WS ?

    TP in brutal/suppa for the DW enhancing from suppa and WS in Steelflash/Bladeborn ?

    I got also the Digni. Earring with high acc and STP and the Ishvara Earring with WS damage +2%.

    I guess the Digni earring applies when lack of accuracy.

    What about the Ishvara, does it worth to switch to it for certain WS ?

    3) Neck pieces:

    - Are elemental gorget still valid for WS or should I use more recent ones like Sanctity or Clotharius ?

    - Clotharius vs. Sanctity : is there any situation where I should use sanctity over Clotharius, cause I dont see alot ? Is there any situation where the +2acc and +10atk of the Sanctity can be better than the TA+1% SubtleBlow +4% of the Clotha ?

    4) Belts:

    Sarissapho. Belt = DEF:14 Haste+3% "Double Attack"+2% "Triple Attack"+2% "Subtle Blow"+5

    Grunfeld Rope = DEF:9 STR+5 DEX+5 Accuracy+10 Attack+20 "Double Attack"+2%

    Kentarch Belt +1 =DEF:14 Accuracy+14 "Double Attack"+3% Unity Ranking: "Store TP"+1~5

    Dynamic Belt +1 = STR+4 Accuracy+11 Haste+6%

    Twilight Belt = DEF:8 "Double Attack"+2% Haste+7%

    So here I'm like too many choices lol

    Is there any of those I should keep in MH for obvious reasons ?

    Thank you for the feedback ;p

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    as a blu you shouldt really need a haste belt now how you cap DW can be interesting for a new player tho i recommend suppa earring + taeon boots with a +2 dw augment, eventually you wanna replace those boots with a Adhemar(not in game atm but i think i spelled this right) body.

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    Dual wield's a tricky beast. It depends on your weapon delay. I'll use my BLU as an example. With my current swords the combined delay is 510, with dual wield 5 and suppanomimi that's 40% dual wield making my delay 306. With capped gear haste and erratic flutter that's 55% haste. So my 306 delay is treated as 137.7 delay (without actually being 137.7). 60 delay = 1 second between attack rounds. So with that delay and haste I swing every 2.29 seconds.

    You'd want that much lower. But you want to do it with as little dual wield as possible, because the lower your delay, the lower your TP return per swing. I think my math is outdated but I believe you absolutely don't want to go below 180 delay through dual wield or you drop a weapon tier which would hurt your tp return badly.

    The difference with haste is that it treats your delay as being lower without actually lowering it, so it doesn't effect tp. So with haste you want as much as you can get.

    So basically with dual wield you have to work out for yourself how much you need to swing as fast as you want without hurting your tp return or sacrificing other stats.

    Using my 510 delay I wouldn't want to go over 64% dual wield or I'd drop below 180 delay.
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    It's actually pretty simple to figure out.

    BLU can self-cap haste using: equip haste (+25%) + Erratic Flutter (+30%) + Mighty Guard (+15%) = over the haste cap of 68.5%

    If you are both gear+spell haste capped, then you need exactly Dual Wield +36% to cap attack delay. Works the same for all jobs btw, others just usually require someone else to give them HasteII + MG/Marches in order to cap out spell haste.