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    Suggestion MNK buffs

    I know square devs are working on buff H2H/Two-Handers. So please keep in mind this.

    1.- Martial Arts its a buff similar to Dual wield. This buff should not reduce Store-TP please. Most of us avoid Martial arts/DW because its a debuff - instead of a buff.

    2.- If H2H will be treat as two-hander weapons, please allow MNK/PUP can equip GRIPS.

    3.- The attack/defense differences Cratio for 1Handers its 3.25 and 2Hander 3.75. MNK/PUP should use 3.75 Cratio!

    4.- Allow the Mythic/Empyrean/Relic aftermath can proc on Both hands similar as a 2hander weapon its treated. Making this aftermath effects can proc on a single hand HURTS a lot MNK/PUP damage.

    5.- Victory Smite, should transfer 2.25 FTP across all hits similar Chant du Cygne. This will return MNK/PUP all the glory they deserve.

    6.- Kenkonken, Glanzfaust, Spharai, Verethragna ILV119 - III. Should have 150 Base damage. This will be enough to be competitive vs "AXE". The Power tiers on 1H are Dagger, Katana, Sword, Axe. Square enix consider H2H as 2hander weapon so should be a bit more strong than Axe.

    7.- Kick Attacks should proc during weapon skills similar double attack on MNK only. PUP pet its really strong and MNK hardly can do more damage than PUP. So with this simple buff will be a HUGE help for MNK.
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    My own two cents on MNK is that, like NIN and SAM, it should have an offensive and defensive stance, and we kinda already have them. Counterstance and Footwork (Well, the first version of footwork from when it was released) are stances, but while NIN and SAM stances are always up, the MNK ones rarely see any use. The reason is that for whatever reason, they decide the drawback to MNK stances should be for the same role that they buff. So, instead of switching stances depending on tanking or DPS, you had two stances that buffed one aspect of your role and horribly gimped every other aspect of that.

    Let's fix that.

    Ok, first off Counterstance. Let's remove the defense penalty, and add a bonus to enmity gain (Possibly to guard rate as well?) The penalty will be the inability to perform kick attacks, and possibly another penalty to damage if it's really required (Preferably not accuracy, due to our reliance on it for counters and impetus)

    Second, Footwork. It'll function more like how it does now than how it did in the past, namely it will increase the number of kick attacks. Slap on some -enmity, maybe a defensive penalty if need be (reduced evasion?), and there we go.

    Obviously the two stances would overwrite each other, and hopefully this would allow MNK some extra tankiness, if not push their DPS options a little as well.
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