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    Back from the dead

    Hello !

    I used to play, a loooong time ago (started in 2005), and I quit back in 2009 because of the lack of time (I had a baby). I tried to pick it back up few times, I think at least once or twice a year but it never lasted, I would play a week then quit again ^^

    This time I think I'm back for good. For how long I don't know, but I've been playing for about 2 months, and I'm starting to learn how to play again. So many new things !
    In the past I couldn't come back because I wasn't agreeing with those changes, I used to think it kinda killed the game, at least the spirit of it. But now I'm ok with it. I've decided to finish those missions I've been struggling to do (or to find people for) back in the day, and maybe continue leveling (eventho it's really easy with those trust npcs now I leveled BST on my own to 75 in 2006 or 2007, oh the fun & frustration !). I'm learning to like and enjoy the casualty of the game now, being a full time mom with a lot to do, it feels relaxing to play for fun and not so much for end game like I use to.

    Anyway, I gotta admit it feels a bit lonely without a LS most people I see are japanese. I still don't get every new thing, especially that I don't have the Adoulin expansion yet, and I'm missing some of the mini expansions too (Shantotto etc).

    So I'm here to shout out to people in the former Hades server, to send me a /tell if they see me, maybe invite me to a nice little LS if you feel like it and teach an old player new tricks ^^ I wouldn't mind getting some explanations

    Other than that, I'm always happy to help as well; I'm not high level (I'm only level 84 so far) but if you need help with a mission, a quest, an AF, anything, and I'm on and available, I'd be glad to lend a hand

    Hopefully somebody will read this !


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    Welcome back home

    While the ffxi of 2016 bares little resemblance to the game of yesteryear I hope you enjoy your time back.

    Its nice to see someone offering to help others, if you were here on Phoenix I'd hand you a pearl but you may want to try your server's linkshell concierge npc for a pearl, lots of returning people have been utilizing that.

    Additionally, if you end up hopping servers I hear Asura has a large English population.