Platform: Windows
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 40mbps
Date & Time: 29-09-2015
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Gameesh
Race: Galka
World: Phoenix
Main Job: Monk, level 99
Support Job: Warrior, level 49
Area and Coordinates: Bastok Markets (near the exit to South Gustaberg)
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: Atmacite Refiner
Monster Name: N/A

1) Talk to the Atmacite Refiner
2) Select: Analyze Atmacite
3) Select: Enrich Atmacite
4) Pick an Atmacite that has not been enriched yet
5) Agree to enrich the Atmacite.
6) Instead of saying 'your <name of atmacite> has reached level 2, it says a random key item instead.
Some examples:
'Your Windurst Trust permit has reached level 2!'
'Your F.A.I.L. badge has reached level 3!'
'Your Molted Peiste Skin has reached level 4!'

Additional notes:
* This bug can happen between 1-4 times on a single atmacite.
* Eventually it seems to fix itself and the proper atmacite name is displayed again after enriching.