Platform: PC (Windows 7)
Type of Internet Connection: Wired
Internet Connection Speed: > 40 Mbps
Date & Time: 11th September 16:00 (GMT)
Frequency: Often
Character Name: Gameesh
Race: Galka
World: Phoenix
Main Job: Geomancer
Support Job: White Mage
Area and Coordinates: Feretory
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: N/A
Monster Name: N/A

1) Zone into the Feretory
2) Open the menu to select instincts.
3) Browse quickly left or right to scroll the list of instincts.
4) At some point, the game will freeze
5) Kicked out of the game, with a message saying 'POL stopped working'

*Extra notes*
- I didn't have any problems with the Feretory for a very long time while I played in Monstrosity.
- However, due to my instinct-list growing rapidly recently (because of the double exp campaign) this error has popped up a few times now.
- In this week alone POL has crashed 5 times.