In celebration of the Vana’diel Summer Campaign starting on Thursday, July 2, the Meebles have procured a variety of exciting rewards, including various chapters of Rem's tale.
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Campaign Period

Thursday, July 2 at 7:00 a.m. (PDT) to Thursday, July 30 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

The types of items available in exchange for wizened worms will be overhauled for the duration of the campaign as given in the tables below.
Wizened WormNormalSpecial Event
Tunnel WormHi-etherMundus Shield
Fish bonesMog Kupon I-Skill
Petrified logMiratete's Memoirs
Super ReraiserSuper Reraiser
Yellow curry bunYellow curry bun
Alacrity palimpsestRem's Tale Chapter 1
Obliteration palimpsestRem's Tale Chapter 2
Safeguard palimpsestRem's Tale Chapter 3
Intimidation palimpsestRem's Tale Chapter 4
Orc beltLeech belt
Prize powderRem's Tale Chapter 5
Tukuku whiteshellPhilosopher's stone
Dervish swordScroll of Arise
Kahin turbanScroll of Meteor

Wizened WormNormalSpecial Event
Morion WormHyper potionPhoenix Down
One byne billMalboro Fiber
RemedyBlack Beetle Blood
Miraetete's memoirsDamascene Cloth
Mahogany logOxblood
Alacrity palimpsestAlexandrite
Obliteration palimpsestOne Byne Bill
Safeguard palimpsestOrdelle Bronzepiece
Intimidation palimpsestTukuku Whiteshell
Quadav beltKupon AW-Abs
Angel skinSlime Belt
Gold threadGalley Kitchen
Ankylosis wandScroll of Arise
Feline MantleScroll of Meteor

Wizened WormNormalSpecial Event
Phantom WormImperial wootz ingotImperial wootz ingot
PanaceaDragon Meat
Oredlle bronzepieceFrayed Sack of Deviousness
Powder bootsMog Kupon I-S5
Hi-elixirHeavy Metal Plate
Alacrity palimpsestSavory Shank
Obliteration palimpsestSweet Tea
Safeguard palimpsestRed Pondweed
Intimidation palimpsestFrayed Sack of Liminality
Yagudo beltHecteyes belt
Flame gemRiftdross
Hundred byne billAlza'daal Table
Baalmuian robePandemonium Key
Wizened Worms have always captured the hearts and minds of Meebles the world over, but now they are particularly voracious - and will offer new rewards in exchange for their precious treats.
To help facilitate the gathering of these dried goodies, trading a grimoire to the Burrow Researcher will provide you with the maximum number of Moblin pheromone sacks once every Earth hour. Should you run out, you will be able to undergo the same process once an hour (Earth time) has passed to receive up to the maximum yet again.
* Players may increase the maximum number of Moblin pheromone sacks able to be held at once by acquiring a pherobarrier box.

What are Wizened Worms?
Three types of Wizened Worms are awarded to battle-hardened adventurers who emerge victorious from Meeble Burrows?Tunnel Worms, Morion Worms, and Phantom Worms. These worms may be exchanged with Utrig in Sauromugue Champaign (J-7) or Sokrov in Battalia Downs (J-8) for a random chance at receiving an item.
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