Platform: windows
ISP: Time Warner Cable
Type of Internet Connection: cable
Internet Connection Speed: 30 mg
Date & Time: 8:00 pm cst, 5/17/2015
Frequency: constant every few minutes
Character Name: Aorun
Race: Hume
World: Bahamut
Main Job: RUN99
Support Job: DNC99
Area and Coordinates: Western Adoulin (g-12)
Party or Solo: solo
NPC Name: n/a
Monster Name: n/a
1. Equipment sets stop working in my macros so i go to the list of them and they are all blank and the names are set back at the default
2. i spend hours changing them all back again and log out and save my macro data to the server
3. i log back on and play again for a while maybe an hour at most and it happens again.
4. i log out again and load the macro data from the servers and proceed to log back on.
5. this fixed it the first time but after that it has not fixed it again.
6. keeps occurring every few minutes as well and constantly changing the sets or logging off and on has been very time consuming.