• Alter egos for Unity Concord leaders will be added.
    These alter egos are special in that they can only be called forth under certain conditions.

    Players are unable to acquire them using the same means as ordinary alter egos, but instead will temporarily gain the ability to call them forth when their personal evaluation in their Unity has reached a certain level.

    There is no limit to how often these alter egos may be summoned, but switching Unities or entering a new Unity ranking tabulation period will deactivate them. The alter egos may be called forth again once the player has re-received the appropriate level of evaluation.

    The following alter egos may be called forth.
    Pieuje (UC) / Ayame (UC) / I. Shield (UC) / Apururu (UC) / Maat (UC) /
    Aldo (UC) / Jakoh (UC) / Naja (UC) / Flaviria (UC)
    * Players may only call forth an alter ego of their Unity leader.
  • The amount of accolades required to undertake Wanted objectives will be lowered.
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