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    Equipping Ginsen causing blink effect

    Platform: PC
    Date/time: 3/27 10 PM EST
    Frequency: Always
    Character: Jeanpaul
    Race: Hume M
    World: Sylph
    Main job: RUN, THF
    Support Job: SAM, DNC
    Area: Seemingly all
    Party: None
    NPC: None
    Monster: None

    Equipping or un-equipping the ammo slot item "Ginsen" causes characters to blink as they do when normally changing visible equipment, even with /lockstyle activated. Did not observe this effect with other ammo slot items including Vanir Battery, Honed Tathlum, and Qirmiz Tathlum.

    edit: It appears that all ranged/ammo equipment are unaffected by Lockstyle, and the issue with Ginsen and these other ammo items is likely the model that would be used if they were throwable. A similar issue is occurring with angons, instruments, and other ranged weapons.
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