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    Skill Chain damage

    With S.E. reeling in thf dmg, (which is being done due to the "skillchain dmg" thf can do, yet they will continue to allow sam to deal same dmg) will only make sam only shouts all over again. Mainly due to the ease of sam using multi-step skillchains for 90k+ light damage skillchain. Which makes no sense as to why S.E. wants to nerf thf and not sam or skillchain dmg. By the way it takes more than one person to double light/darkness without a sam, so the rudra nerf which takes 2 or more people to double dark, otherwise a thf is rudra popping the closing ws with only about 100% tp which sucks for dmg, now can be double light skill chain with only 1 sam.

    Can you give other DD jobs the option to make double light/dark skillchains? Seems like all this balance talk only puts sam back in the lead on top dmg without any forms of contesting.

    I know that drk has plenty of dark base scythe ws or light based ws that can create single tier light or darkness skillchain, but with sam's ability to self sc double light over and over no other job will be able to go as a DD.

    This same buff should apply to more DD jobs as well. (I am not certain What all jobs can pull off a double light/darkness skillchain but I am certain it wouldn't be nearly as easily as sam pulls it off.)

    Drg, Drk, War, Mnk, Pup, Blu, and Rng can all use some actual love for a change. (I actually hate most of those jobs but this sam only crap will get old real fast.)

    The nerf of dagger ws doesn't fix things it just makes everything go back to how it was before the rudra buff. If you don't want to adjust the skillchain properties so other jobs can compete for a DD slot then something with the double light/darkness sc dmg needs to be done.

    Right now parties consist of 2-4 DD's, 1 healer and 1-3 buffers depending on set-ups. After you nerf daggers we will see sam only DD shouts with pt set up as, whm, brd, cor, rdm, geo, sam all over again. You at least almost had it right allowing more people to go the same role everyone wants to play. It is hard enough to fill the support roles as is. Only going to be harder now.

    Edit: It has begun...
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