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    Call Wyvern Job Points

    I noticed PUP has a Job Point category for Deus Ex Automata in which, every upgrade, reduces the recast of the ability by 1 second. This is a 60 second recast, and when the cap for Job Point categories is raised beyond 10 to a cap of 30, PUP will be able to have a 30 second(-50%) recast on Deus Ex Automata.

    Dragoon has many tools now to keep our Wyvern alive. Wyverns take -40% damage taken from all sources, we have a potent stoneskin effect from Steady Wing, Spirit Link is twice as potent and half the recast it used to be and grants a strong Regen effect, and we have Dawn Mulsums which are cheap and can heal 30-40% of a pet's HP, and our Wyvern's defense and evasion are quite high compared to other pet jobs.

    Despite these bonuses to Wyvern survivability, the #1 way Wyverns are KO'd now isn't by the Wyvern itself being killed, but the Dragoon being KO'd. Strong AoE damage, or a slow heal or a 'Death' spell will terminate a DRG and take his Wyvern with him, leaving him extremely disabled for longer than 5 minutes. Other DD recover after 5 min of Weakness, DRG recovers but until those 20minutes for Call Wyvern to be up, we are drastically ineffective.

    So cutting to the chase, please shorten the recast of Call Wyvern but allow us to 'earn it' by creating a Job Point category next patch called Call Wyvern Recast. In the same light as 'Deus Ex Automata recast', let it grant a -50% recast when fully upgraded at the eventual 30/30 point. Therefore, -20 seconds per upgrade, for a maximum of -600 seconds(-10 minutes) when fully invested.

    10 minute recast is fair given the fast paced nature of the current flow of battle in today's FFXI. I can't restate this for emphasis enough: Although DRG gets a great edge when our Wyvern is alive, when we are KO'd in the first few minutes of any content(most content right now is ~30minutes), the Dragoon becomes a very lackluster DPS for the next 20minutes, or more than half the duration of the content. Given that a fully buffed DRG with his Wyvern's bonuses is still not >MUCH< stronger than SAM or WAR, the trade off to having our Wyvern killed puts us at a severe disadvatnage that makes most party leaders wonder is it even worth it.

    To put it in perspective. If a DRG with his Wyvern's bonuses deals 125% of the relative DPS of a WAR or DRK, then when a DRG loses his Wyvern, DRG deals 40% of the relative DPS of a WAR or DRK. Is having a +25% edge worth the chance of being less than half as effective?

    An alternative is to make DRG a bit stronger without relying on the Wyvern, through buffs to Jump and High Jump to make them stronger. Even with nice gear, Jump and High Jump don't give much TP and don't crit without Mythic, a lot of our TP comes from Spirit and Soul Jump. If our wyvern is defeated, most of DRG's abilities no longer work and we have nothing to contribute except weak polearm weapon skills and Jumps that barely do more damage than a regular attack(but have ability delay).

    So either lower recast with Job Points or buff DRG's Jump/High Jump drastically and give us some kind of stance or self buff ability so when we die and raise, we aren't bringing the alliance down with poor DPS for 20minutes while other DDs when they die are back to full DPS power after unweakening. Or maybe a new JA that allows us to call Wyvern in a weakened state, 10min recast. This would allow us to dismiss it at 100% then Call Wyvern will become available again.
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    I think the argument you should be making is that DRG needs a Deus Ex Automata ja. As Call Wyvern is to Activate both of which summon the pet at 100%hp; While, Deus Ex Automata summons pups pet at 50% hp DRG simply needs idk "Raise Wyven"? that also is a low 1min recast and summons the pet at 50%hp. Your argument for a -50% recast job point category is a bit odd sounding when your comparing abilities that are not equal.