Hi there. I think this has been brought up before but it hasn't been addressed or acknowledged as a bug. Part of that is our fault because we haven't followed the template. So I'm going to make a more formal report.

Platform: Windows PC
ISP: Verizon FIOS
Type of Internet Connection: Fiber Optic
Internet Connection Speed: 7 Mbps
Date and Time: Ongoing. Most recently 7 AM Eastern Time on 12-16-2014. This started right after the most recent version update.
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Zarchery
Race: Hume M
World: Carbuncle
Main Job: Monk 99
Support Job: Warrior 49
Area and Coordinates: Happens everywhere, though I'm in Outer Ra'Kaznar G-10 right now
Party or Solo: Solo, though being in a party makes no difference.
NPC Name: None
Monster Name:None

Right after logging on after the December Version Update, I and everyone else I know noticed that the linkshell link lists are in random order instead of the usual alphabetical order. This is a nuisance as it makes it difficult to find people in the link list. I have not seen this reported as a known bug or any plans to address this.